One of the most powerful tools of ecommerce search engine is social media marketing. It can either be called as social media optimization. This system helps us in reaching out to billion of customers in one day which often is impossible for other advertising tools. There are many social media networks too who promote their products with a similar system.

Our marketing team at ecommerce catalog solutions has an expertise in creating and also managing the major social media channels. We would help our customers in staying in touch with their audience regarding feedbacks, ideas, views and many other latest updates. These information would later be helpful in understanding the audience and generate a better traffic for your social store.

There are many mediums which you can choose for marketing such as

Facebook marketing:

Here, we would help you in boosting up your business using a face book medium. There are more than one billion people on Facebook. Our team of experts will create a customized page for all your products which will help you in promoting your products and services. It will optimize it for a better search response and also get a winning presence.


As per the survey, there are more than 250 million people on Twitter. This medium would help to promote your product and services in a very much efficient way. We would assist your customer in order to spread the brand awareness and also business updates. We would use this channel to give a search easy and appealing look.


There are more than 250 million users reported in LinkedIn. This is the world’s largest professional network. Our expertise will help you build a professional identity on the network and also help you to manage it. The media organization an customize the channel for your company information, insights and also the opportunities

Google plus marketing:

Google plus is again one of the most prominent social media and also identity network. It has over 540 million users on a monthly interaction through the channel. This site is quite popular and can be used to promote the products using its features like post sharing, photo transfer, video chat etc. we also provide a unique and also fresh content for your business.


Youtube is one of the networks which is as popular as google and 75% of the professional companies are using this medium for the promotion of the brand. There are nearly 1800 million users monthly. It is known as the silver screen of the internet. You can exhibit the products which you would like to sell on the site through advertisements. This is one of the best video marketing strategy in the recent years and also gives a long term subscription


This is an image oriented network. Here, we could upload the pictures of the products and this would allow the subscriber to share business images and information. Here, we could also pin exciting posts related to the business.

Business is all about how well you market your goods. Ecommerce catalog solutions would be more than willing to help you out in this.