Do you love online shopping? Have you found it difficult to order online or it’s snapping job for you? From the aisle of thousands of inviting products to the fabulous discounts and offers, there is a lot more that a consumer has to spend such as a lot of energy and time. And if the consumer is not able to find up the right product within the expected time, they will ultimately end up being frustrated. Would the consumer(s) ever visit the same site again? Even if they visit, the trust factor will be hard to gain at that time by the site.

And thus some angelic being just discovered the importance of product categorisation in the eCommerce world. This service marks the utmost importance of every online marketplace and is embraced by many retailers and major players of the market as well to bring the expected revenue to the company.

Yes, poor product categorization annoys your customer and there is a high chance of losing their trust in the website. Some of the unsuccessful online retailers think that customer will anyhow hunt out what they want through the search bar. But this hasn’t been the case due to incorrect categorization taxonomy. This improper categorisation makes it really hard for the search feature to scrap the expected product as well.

Here is the good news – E-commerce Catalog Solutions has brought best product categorization services that ensure the clients and users to bring back 100% customer satisfaction. With the establishment in 2010, our firm has over 8 years of experience in categorizing products which are done by the chosen experts and advanced technologies. We provide solutions for assorted companies and industries that handle many but not limited to clothing, sports, lighting, electronics, bathroom accessories, computers, and more. It inhibits all the hassles that most retailers face while product categorisation, online store taxonomy and categorization taxonomy. So, while our experts can focus on handling the spikes of product categorisation, your team can focus on business development arenas.

Optimising Product Categorization

As the data procure, it is noticed that 80% of the online products are placed under the 0% of the selected categories that define their basic feature. Here, our experts not only make sure to place right products under sure shot related categories but also make subcategories for them as well.

  • Clever Categorization: Our adept professionals start categorisation of the product from the very bottom of the SKU’s. We mainly focus on the accurate product type for each SKU that help the consumer to tap and search as quickly as possible.
  • New Product Optimisation: Our team experts will be individually designated to review all the products uploaded to your site. We will check if they are under right category or subcategory or not. This gives your members new scope to add new products on your site as well.
  • Big Online Players: Our Company has been also honoured to get a chance to work with many big players of the online retailers.

Maintaining The Wellness Of The Categories

Our team also helps to optimise the product taxonomy to make sure your users can smoothly search for their products on your site.

  • Maintaining The Right Balance: We make sure of the categories or subcategories are neither too larger nor too small. And they are fitting as per the expectations of the consumers. The information about the categories and subcategories are rightly placed under them to make your consumers understand completely.
  • Correction Of The Categories: We also repair the faulty areas of the categories such as too much information in the wrong manner, focussing on additional attributes and etc.

Category Development

The development of the categories and eCommerce taxonomy are counted as some of our core specialities. From time to time, we design and re-evaluate the site’s taxonomy for the development of your business. From right tags to correct usage overlapping categories, we maintain the bond strength between attributes and products.

SEO Ranking Means A Lot

Right attributes, keywords and the creation of titles of the products all come under the department of SEO. And our SEO experts work with full force to pull more attention from the search engines. They optimize the pages with a proper listing of products and etc. to ensure the best ranking.

Right & Speedy Product Search

When we put right products under the specified and related categories or subcategories, this helps your consumer(s) to search the desired on your site feature far more efficiently and quickly.

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