Have you ever tried to purchase from a big online store with lots of inviting products, spending a lot of energy and time trying to find what you need, but ultimately getting frustrated as the right product is not found? Wouldn’t you want to find another place to shop instead?

Well, the answer is quite obvious. To figure out that proper product categorization is of utmost importance to any online marketplace, doesn’t need a rocket scientist, but amazingly enough, it requires a lot of retailers.

The shoppers get frustrated because of poor product categorization, and they are unlikely to return to your site to make a second purchase. Customers do not always find what they need through the search functions that are provided on most of the online shopping sites. Improper categorization taxonomy makes it difficult for the search feature also to find the right product.

Now, the good news is that Ecommerce Catalog Solutions Company’s product categorization services make sure that you never fall into this trap. The Company’s years of experience in categorizing products for various industries which include, lighting, electronics, bathroom accessories, sports, medical equipment, clothing and more. The hassle of learning about categorization taxonomy, online store taxonomy and product categorization is taken away, by ensuring that you focus on running the business in a productive manner while the rest will be taken care of by the company.

    • Accurate Optimized Taxonomy/ Product Categorization:

The fact already known is that for most of the online retailers, 80% of products are placed into 20% of the categories. Anyway, besides correctly categorizing your products, we also make sure that your

categories and subcategories are not unbalanced or generic.

      1. Smart Categorization
      2. New Product Categorization
      3. Major Online Retailers
    • Optimize Your Product Taxonomy:

Product taxonomy is optimized to make sure that your customers can smoothly browse through your online product catalogs.

      1. Strike the Right Balance
      2. Fixing “Faulty” Categories
    • Ecommerce Taxonomy Development:

The development of proper Ecommerce taxonomy is one of our core specialties. The company designs and periodically revises the initial site taxonomy for you. We assign the right categories and tags to each of your products. Most of the Ecommerce ventures experience a vast increase making sure that overlapping attributes and categories are used correctly, ensuring they add the correct relationship information between attributes and products and adding more pinpoint categories in sales.

    • Accurate and Speedy Search Results:

Products are put in the right categories and sub-categories to ensure that your site search feature is successful in finding the right product far more efficiently and quickly, resulting in customers finding the right product and thus, purchasing from you!

    • Better SEO Ranking:

The Company’s team creates the right number of categories and sub-categories for you to ensure your site ranks high in the search engines for certain keywords. For example, the ‘main’ category and level one sub-category tend to be the one that get more attention from search engines, we ensure that we optimize these pages to the best possible extent to make sure we rank the best.

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