Magento Product Data Entry ServiceseCommerce catalog solutions gives you a lot of options to upload its product onine. Magento provides you with every business that would allow you to compete very effectively in the league of your business online. Magento has all the solutions that a small business ne.eds with a big ambition.

This platform is selected by most of the well established brands across the world and also at a price which every business can afford including the small ones. It has one of the powerful marketing tools online and also provides services on 24/7 basis.

The services magento provides:

It excludes the images from the thumbnails which get uploaded in multiple. They delete all the images that were there in a different sizes and different locations.

Magento adds new product images with quality, sizes and in the correct proportion giving the pages a very commercial appeal to the website.

Magento helps in resizing the images and cropping them if necessary. The images would be uploaded according to the dimensions which will be specified by the theme mentioned. They standardize the sizes of the images and also ensure that the images uploaded look like in the perfect proportion.

Magento explains on how to manage all the shopping carts thumbnail images

Magento uploads the product images that the customer can streamline the process by just zipping the images given in the archive. All these unzipped images can be directly uploaded in the catalog in a very easy and also single step.

Magento provides a thumbnail images in the shopping carts so that the customers knows which products are actually selected by them just by looking at the cart rather than entering into the cart.

There are watermarks used in the pages for the products are provided with a transparent background which can be adjusted later according to the convenience. Customers can experiment different kinds of watermarks which are provided in the settings until they like what they are in for.

There are internal urls provided for all the external links using a dynamic url which has been uploaded in the media social library

In case, if your products are one of their kind and you don’t want anyone to copy them, then you can create a watermark of your own company and put it there as a symbol of copyrights.

We at Ecommerce ALSO have a facility of image and product place holders where in you can keep temporary products of the same type until u can place the original at the same place of your own design.

Our experts at ECOMMERCE also will plan your theme according to your taste and also will keep light box and pop up windows accordingly.

We also provide a thumbnail gallery of all the product images where in there would be 4 to 5 images which will show the product clearly in different angles so that the customer would have no difficulty in selecting the product which they wish to. The images provided would be in the format of .jpg.

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