Many businesses think twice before trying out corporate email marketing tactics during their digital marketing campaign. This is because it is often thought that ‘who opens email campaigns?’. The reality is quite the opposite. You will be surprised to know that email campaigns have a strong impact in promoting an online campaign. But, do you know the right way to promote your email marketing campaign? Let’s find out if your email marketing working as per your expectation.

Why is Email Marketing Successful?

Email marketing is one of the profit-making marketing strategies. It is a trusted form of communication with most consumers. About 77% consumers choose to look at email campaigns and about 80% marketers find it is one of the strongest performing strategies to promote business. If you plan and execute your email campaign well, it will help you achieve:

  • More sales
  • Improve client loyalty
  • Get repeat customers
  • Reduce other marketing costs
  • Help get more business leads

How Well is Your Email Marketing Performing?

You may be well into email marketing, but are they are effective enough? The following analysis measures will help you find out if your email campaign was a hit or a miss.

Impactful Subject

The main challenge of a successful campaign is getting your email opened. In order to get your email read, you need to have an effective subject line. Studies have shown subject lines with more than 25 words are more likely to be clicked ‘open’.

The Sale Tale

You can keep a track of the emails that end up with a positive action from the consumer side using sales. This can be known by providing the consumer with a coupon code or discount code. The number of consumers that redeem it will show you if the campaign was a success.

Click-Through Rates

However, not all businesses or campaigns can be promoted using promo codes or coupons. Thus, using sales as a tool to measure your email marketing reach becomes ineffective in such cases. How do you keep a track of your email marketing campaign and its effect? Well, then you just try the click-through rates.

Click-through rates mean the percentage of total subscribers that click on a link sent within an email. If your email has relevant content, you will end up with high click through rates. So, the best approach is to send an email with a relevant external link that will help you know if people are interested in your campaign. If the number of clicks is poor, then it means your email campaign has fallen apart. You should focus on sending topics of interest to your subscribers that brings them to your website and fewer of them opting for the unsubscribe button.

Unengaged Subscribers Rate

Unengaged subscribers are those who remain on your list but never ever open a single email you send them. These are the people you are spending money to send an email! The best thing is to remove them from your list. Although it may affect your subscriber list, but it will be for the best.

You can measure your unsubscribe rate from newsletters, emails and updates. Higher the unsubscribe rate means your campaign is definitely functioning on the wrong track. It’s high time you change your tactics and send your subscribers something more interesting and relevant.

Using these metrics and many other factors you can dig deep to find if your email marketing is working as per your expectations. Keeping a track will definitely improve your business and help you plan your next move positively.