At Ecommerce Catalog Solutions Company, we have a client centric and transparent approach to project management. At very stage, we work in close cooperation with our clients and develop solutions which meet the clients’ requirements exactly.

About project management at Ecommerce Catalog Solutions:

Here is a designed list of Frequently Asked Questions to provide a better understanding and insight of our best practices and capabilities.

    • What are our pricing models?

Our pricing models are flexible which depend upon your budget and requirements, and you can choose to pay on an hourly basis or go for the fixed cost model. And in both the cases, the size and scope of the project determines the price.

    • How do we receive payment?

The clients based outside India can pay us the money through International SWIFT transfers and the money will be received on the same day.

    • What are our working hours?

At Ecommerce Catalog Solutions Company, nine hours per day time shift is followed by another nine hours shift in the night. Thus, we have eighteen hours per day work.

    • How do we communicate with your clients?

Our communication with our clients is done over phone, email and also Skype. We are always available to update you on the progress of the project and also answer your queries. The Company has very efficient Project Managers, who communicate effectively and also deal comprehensively with all your questions and concerns.

    • How is the project development lifecycle at Ecommerce Catalog Solutions?

The development begins thorough understanding of your vision, requirements and goals. In the next stage, these are translated into a coherent blueprint. This blueprint helps us to choose or adapt solution suitably to meet your requirements. In the coming stage, a team is assembled to implement the solution. Projects that require multiple kinds of skills and domain expertise, we can easily put together teams, as our professionals are extremely versatile.

    • Why work with Ecommerce Catalog Solutions?

We have a vast experience of diverse industry domains and verticals. We understand processes, business and technology and are capable of devising the most ingenuous solutions. We have on our roles business analysts, programmers, quality analysts, network administrators and designers who rank among the best and brightest in their respective fields.

    • Client Communication

At Ecommerce Catalog Solutions, we put a lot of premium on transparency and communication. When a project is undertaken by the Company, it is thoroughly studied and a solution is devised that precisely meets your requirements. Throughout the process, our clients are kept in the loop and the devised solution is implemented only when the client approves the solution. Every client receives personal attention at Ecommerce Catalog Solutions.

    • Privacy policy

At Ecommerce Catalog Solutions, the clients’ concerns about the safety of their information and data are fully understood and a stringent privacy policy is followed. The access to our work floors is regulated by biometric scans and only authorized persons are allowed admittance to them. All our employees are signatories to confidentiality clauses and if they disclose any sensitive information, they are liable to be terminated.

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