We constantly add new products to our website. The data is entered into our back-end system in a specific style and format. The data we get is culled from multiple sources, including printed books and catalogs, distributor or manufacturer website and electronic files from the product manufacturer.

Ecommerce Catalog Solutions Company’s provides you full range of web content management and web content production services. The company’s catalog processing services for online stores include updating online catalogs, building web-based catalogs and converting suppliers’ paper catalogs to the web.

Ecommerce Catalog Solutions has extensive experience in several projects. Our web content production / catalog processing services include PDF conversion of catalogs, database updating and graphic image work.

Ecommerce Catalog Solutions specializes in providing quality and accurate Catalog Processing Services for all the major online shopping cart platforms.

Fully bespoke Bulk Product Upload Services and Ecommerce Product listing Services for online marketplaces are also offered:

  • Amazon Product Upload Services
  • eBay Product Listing Services
  • Buy.Com Product Upload Services
  • Sears Product Data Entry Services

Product Data Entry specialists at Ecommerce Catalog Solutions can help you optimize and create shopping product data feeds for top shopping engines like Bing Shopping Data Feed, PriceGrabber Data Feed, Shopzilla Product Feed, Google Shopping Data Feed, etc.

Graphic Support Services: Web Content / Catalog Processing Services

If needed, Ecommerce Catalog Solutions provides graphic services for image manipulation and image correction, ranging from image cropping to retouching and enhancement. The services include:

  • adding a uniform background color
  • adding a border
  • adding a signature/watermark
  • Re-sizing to different size options for normal, zoom view and thumbnail, etc.

Methodology: Web Content /Catalog Processing Services

Maintaining, updating and producing web content/catalogs for an e-commerce website / online store is normally a continuous process, in terms of revising prices periodically, deleting old models and adding new products. The graphic work and data entry is performed by skilled operators under the supervision of a project manager who interfaces with you for instructions and status updates.

Training is of utmost importance, and frequent interaction with you to ensures successful outsourcing.

  • There exist product categories & subcategories
  • The difference between products with their unique features
  • Unique front and back end processes.

Typical Cases: Web Content / Catalog Processing Services

The client is starting an Ecommerce website / online stores to sell all products available on his supplier’s site. The entire product information is needed from the supplier’s website. There are more than 100,000 products on the targeted website and all of them should be saved into a database with exactly the same format, which is a major challenge.

The products on this site are separated into hundreds of categories and thousands of sub-categories; some directly belong to the main categories while many others are under sub categories’ sub categories. We need to separate and understand the specific category information for each product and the corresponding information must be saved into the product database.

Outsource: Catalog Processing

The Company has been serving global clients needing product data entry services for their ecommerce / online stores portals. The professionals are well versed with any custom-built bespoke application as well as several industry-standard ecommerce storefronts.

The product range being served to our clients has been quite vast and varied, thereby arming us with increased product knowledge and enriching our expertise, which has been proved very valuable for our clients.

For our online store clients, we update/add products related information from the products supplier’s website or any other trade source.

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